Will to Way, Wilt A...
By miranda-elise
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19-year-old Aspen Holloway navigates life with sarcasm and self-deprecation to conceal the reality that her parents always treated her as their greatest burden. In her new apartment building, Aspen encounters the hopeless, grief-ridden Julius Esprit, who has been struggling to reconcile his faith with the recent loss of both of his parents. After Aspen talks him down from a ledge, Julius becomes convinced that Aspen is his guardian angel. With her skeptical, pessimistic mentality, Aspen is overwhelmed by the obligation to play the role of Julius' "savior." Soon, the growing pain from her broken family life begins to get in the way of her efforts to keep Julius hopeful. Does she abandon Julius and risk his life, or does she continue her commitment to him as her own well-being deteriorates to a dangerous level? Note/ Warning: This story contains depictions of suicidal thoughts and eating disorders/ body dysmorphia.

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Will to W...
by miranda-elise