Ghost Spider meets...
By kerilynn4028
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Gwen's father died in a fire that a certain Goblin started and people think she died with him. Gwen now lives on the streets and what happens when she runs into a certain super spy and a certain evil organization is after her. What happens when that evil organization kidnaps her. Read to find out... No Characters belong to me most belong to Marvel and Sony On a Temporary Stop If you wanna know more about the temporary stop read the part the says 'I'm so sorry/Not a chapter but still Important' I'm so sorry!! 😭 Start:June 28, 2020 Editing:not started Finished:nope I just want to say I know that not many people will ever read this story, but to those who do I thank you so much for the support it means to everything to me. Love you guys 3000❤️ and Stay Sticky🕸🕷🕸 - Spider Out

Chapter One:The Patrol

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Ghost Spi...
by kerilynn4028