Blood on the Boardw...
By dcompbooks
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Monstrous memories haunt Jenna as she becomes the target of the Boardwalk Butcher, but in order to stop him she's going to have to kill something that's already dead. Only the people closest to seventeen-year-old Jenna know she was attacked when she was little. She doesn't know what attacked her, just that it wasn't human. That's why she's done her damndest ever since to convince herself it was just a dream. When Jenna's best friend Georgie dumped her just before high school and spilled that secret to everyone, keeping a low profile until graduation became impossible. Then Jenna stumbles upon a trio of blood-drained corpses staged on the boardwalk's carousel the same day Georgie picks up the new bad boy in town. A horrible coincidence, until Jenna glimpses the killer in action, a killer who bears a striking resemblance to Georgie's new boyfriend and gives Jenna a horrific feeling of deja vu. Now the target of a brutal psychopath, Jenna's desperate to unravel who the murderer is before she ends up dead. But as she hunts for answers she finds her touristy beach town's hiding more than a serial killer and her closest ally in the fight for her life may be the person she hates most. Inspired by The Lost Boys. Warning: Some pretty heavy swearing. This is a completed novel, but I will be posting chapters every Friday. Rankings: #6 - carousel (8/26/20) #12 - bodies (9/5/20)


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Blood on...
by dcompbooks