Hannah - Trader Of...
By JJ_Ames
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • abused
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  • gentlerain
  • humantrader
  • humantrafficking
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  • suspense
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This is a harrowing tale of a spring break reveler who was lured to a Florida beach house for a huge party set up by human traffickers. Human traders used social media to invite the victims and showcase them via livestream for their clients. The massive party began just before noon and grew to unbelievable numbers. Over 2800 potential victims, 25 human traders and 6 remote bidders looking to fill their orders. Spring break in the United States is hunting time for the human traders who are slippery, devious people that target certain individuals. The lonely, the vulnerable, the oblivious partier and anyone else desperate enough to trust them are targeted. These victims were destined for the world market through bidding by the 356 and five other foreign traders. This is the fourth story of six in my Summertime Novella Series. Please enjoy. JJ A SPECIFIC MESSAGE The reach and scope of human trafficking is horrific for the families that must deal with the aftermath. While it may be true that a small fraction are from dysfunctional homes the vast majority of victims that are trafficked are poached from colleges and universities.

Intro - the People, a history

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by JJ_Ames