Dagger Series #6: U...
By MsButterfly
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Circe Isle Andino is one of the most decorated professional surfer. Surfing is her life. During the day, she spent hours and hours riding the waves, and at night she lay contented on her bed sleeping peacefully. There's nothing she want more in her life. Basic needs of a human? That's not a problem to her. She has food and water... and sex? She can purchase a battery operated boyfriend anytime she wants to. Sex is just a cliché thing for her. Something that people loves to hype up. But one drunken night, she realized how wrong she was. One night that the ocean couldn't take away her misery, the stranger drown them by engulfing her in his arms. Just for one night. Because when the morning came, she was gone. He doesn't need the hassle of the morning after of a one night stand, and she don't need to remember the night of her reckless mistake. She just need to go back to her life as if nothing happened. It's not like one night could change her life, right? She was wrong. Life is not that easy. Not when she's looking at two positive lines that would change her life completely.

Dagger Series #6: Unwavering

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Dagger Se...
by MsButterfly