Beloved Brother (Bx...
By Mysterious9211
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"I was at my friend's place. " "a friend? " he asked as his face moved toward mine and his breath hits my cold cheeks and I bit my lips to hold in my voice. "yes." I told him and he looked straight into my eyes. "and why didn't you tell me about this?" "I forgot. " "are you sure this isn't some relationship or physical need matter?" he asked and my eyes widen as I gasped at him and his eyes showed anger. He was agitated, but why? Don't he want me to have a lover? ********** A story where a brother falls in love with his brother. Will his love reach him? Will his feeling be accepted? Will he ever tell his feelings to him?what will be their relationship after all this? Just so you know, this book is nothing like you see it in description. 😂😂 There are secrets so...... Let's find out!!!! Tags :- #bxb #mature ***************** #429 - forbidden (24. 3 k) 4 Oct 20 #396 - ^^^^^^^ 5 Oct 2020 #360 - ^^^^^^^18 Oct 2020 #46 - (⊙_⊙) ^^ 19 October 2020

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Beloved B...
by Mysterious9211