otherwise engaged
By AveryKeelan
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When Thayer invents a boyfriend to save face, she ends up faux engaged to her worst enemy. * Thayer Morgan has hated Bennett Bradford since he tore the head off her favorite Barbie when they were five. Sure, the head popped right back on, but the guy was obviously a monster. In the two decades since, Bennett has further cemented her distaste for him by becoming the ultimate playboy cliche: romancing a carousel of models, indulging in thrill-seeking antics, and becoming a constant fixture in online gossip columns. It doesn't help that he's La-Perla-dropping gorgeous- and he knows it. Bennett thinks Thayer is squandering her youth and her family's fortune. After all, what good is any of it if you can't loosen up and have a little fun? Thayer's life is all work and no play, and Bennett thinks it makes her very dull indeed. He'd like nothing more than to help her spice things up, but she seems to be the only one who's immune to his charm. After Thayer is left scrambling for a date that doesn't exist, Bennett sees the chance to repair his reputation. They settle into an uneasy truce, agreeing to play the part in public, but squabbling constantly behind closed doors. Until pretending starts to come a little too naturally and their plan blows up in their faces.

Introduction & Aesthetics.

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by AveryKeelan