Unexpected Love
By Thompson1317
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Andrea Bronze. 24 years old, Black hair, green eyes, olive skin tone, 5'5''. Born in America, grew up in Spain, but now lives in England with her sister. At the age of four, Andrea was given up for adoption and was sent to an orphanage in Spain. She lived in an unstable and poor orphanage until the age of sixteen when the Bronze family adopted her. Ever since then Andrea has been very close with her siblings, especially Lucy. Andrea went through a lot while she was in the orphanage. She experienced and saw things no one wants to go through or see. The only person she is open to is Lucy and their bond is very strong. Andrea has built up walls and it takes time to break them down. In 2016, Andrea become the team photographer and videographer for the England Women's National Football Team and travels with Lucy as much as she can. What happens when someone catches Andrea's eye at the World Cup semifinals? Find out in Unexpected Love. (This is a girl/girl story, if you don't like it please leave.) There will be some possible warnings that I will mention at the beginning of the chapters. If anything in the book possibly collided or is similar to others it is completely coincidental. Started: July 5, 2020 Completed: -

Authors's Note

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by Thompson1317