Loving The Ice Hear...
By Debasmita1_3
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HATE TO LOVE? According to her, she is ice, no one can breaks her now. She is right, as she built the walls around her for a reason but ice melts when fire comes right?Can fire will bring back the long ago buried girl with a heart of gold and a smile like silver jewels with gleaming beauty? "I hate you" "Same here " ---------------------- "It's mine" "Show me your name" "I found it first" "Proof? " "Leave the seat Taehyung" "In your dreams" ---------------------- "I love you" "I love you too" ---------------------- Depression made her cold and blank person. Cheerfulness is still inside her which is discovered by a boy. Can he make her the one she used to be? Will he fall in love with his enemy? KIM TAEHYUNG a simple bad boy with the perfect looks and an ego which can never grow anymore.Some secrets are obviously there. The jerk is quite a gentleman but the girl he is gonna met will just turn his way upside down KIM JISOO has gone through something which is so sad. She is fighting and now maybe she can rarely trust anyone. That one jerk will change her life into a living hell or a heaven? ----------------------- "I love you so much, don't leave me. " "I will not, I love you too" ****** Nothing is copied and pictures used are not mine... Credits to the sweetest owners... Let's get started~ DO NOT COPY MY WORK. THANK YOU :)

- HELL -

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Loving Th...
by Debasmita1_3