The Awakening-Salva...
By Angelcake1998
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Amaya Gilbert, Younger Twin Sister of the 20th Century Petrova Doppelganger, Elena Gilbert, is an extraordinary entity that no being is prepared to encounter. As the only member of the Fae Species to utilize the Birth of the Petrova Doppelganger as means to journey from the Gates of Avalon into the Mortal Realm, Amaya could ultimately be considered an Abnormality of Supernatural Proportions. And with the arrival of the Creatures that have lurked in the darkness for centuries, Amaya is presented with the overwhelming attraction between herself and the infamous Salvatore Brothers that have inevitably found themselves drawn towards the Ethereal Being. Follow their journey from Solidarity to Eternity as Stefan and Damon unwittingly alter the course of their lives by becoming the Chosen Mates of the Immortal Fae that had unintentionally wormed her way into their hearts...

Main Character Introduction

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The Awake...
by Angelcake1998