A Dormant Howl: A C...
By LaurieBeth5
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Every family has their secrets, myths, legends, lies...you know, history. This family is no different...well, maybe a little different. See, they are lycanthropes. And not the lycanthropes you're used to hearing about. Those are stories told by adults to their children to put them to bed at night. You know like Little Red Riding Hood, Briar Rose, Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, all lies - all fluff. No, this is a story told to give a child nightmares, because they truth is much more terrifying. Meet the Silver Bullet Clan of Upstate New York, mere hours from the Canadian border. Home to Alpha Jeremiah Nolan and his expansive Clan, numbers in the thousands, living along side the humans, witches, and other creatures that go bump in the night. Their clan wasn't always what Jeremiah hoped for. Civil unrest and uprisings were a common occurrence. This story has to start somewhere. This is a guide to introduce the myth that became legend that people believed to be truth of how they became the monsters they became, how one Alpha went against his father so one of his "brother" could love who he was fated to love. How one girl decided to make her own destiny, even though she knew the consequences. And the two high ranking boys that were meant to protect her, were the ones that were the reason for A Dormant Howl.

Silver Bullet Clan History 101

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A Dormant...
by LaurieBeth5