Falling For The CEO
By ddrrrs2pt0
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Sweet and childhish she was. Workaholic and cold he was. She was his PA and fell for him. He was a heartless billionaire CEO who was caring at the same time. She wanted to live her life to the fullest while he was a workaholic. They were two separate souls with separate origins but destiny hooked them together. Drishti, an orphan girl raised up by her guardian Mrs. Crimpson Deric was looking for a job. She found a job in one of the world's best companies as good luck supported her. She fell for the CEO. His kindness and his everything but money. Rakshit Shergill, one of the world's best business tycoons and a billionaire was considered cold and emotionless but gentle at the same time. He was the one who didn't believe in love sort of thing till she came into his life. Unaware of the truth that was hidden she fell for him more and more. Unaware of her actual truth he too fell for her. But the fact was, can they be together? Will she be able to change the emotionless CEO to a cheerful and smiling one? WARNING: Slow paced as every chapter is almost of 1000 words only. So a same experience may continue till long.

1) Drishti at the Shergill's

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Falling F...
by ddrrrs2pt0