The chase [Hisoka x...
By I-Ship-It_
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Violet Sokolova, once a formidable opponent, one of the strongest nen users and the unknown underworld leader with connections around the world. She held the respect of many, upholding a facade of someone who was invincible. She seemed to have everything she wished for, money, power, and someone to occupy her time with. So what happens when she loses a bet, making her nen disappear? Well, that's what this story is for. Hisoka, a so called "friend", who was promised a fight, was now after her, and she would have to use whatever connections she had to get away. From Illumi, to chrollo and Feitan, many lovers and affairs, mysteries and twists, Violet has to go through many things to discover herself and the meaning of friendship, hatred and love. In this story, follow Violet as she tries to escape Hisoka, the many troubles she goes through while nenless, and mostly the effect it takes on her mental health and perception of others. As others try to help her, she rejects them, keeping the pain for herself. Will she be able to accept her trauma and move on? Or will she eventually go over the edge and crumble? Read this story to find out ;) - - - Hisoka x Reader/OC *Note: none of the Hunter x Hunter characters belong to me, only Violet Sokolova and any other original characters. Also the art used in the thumbnail and the stories do not belong to me, unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved

The day it all began | Chapter 1

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The chase...
by I-Ship-It_