His Weakness
By _shana_unknown_
  • Romance
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  • competition
  • dangerous
  • demanding
  • dramatic
  • fighting
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  • harsh
  • hate
  • italian
  • jealousy
  • leader
  • lies
  • mafia
  • passion
  • possessive
  • romance
  • sadness
  • submissive
  • teenromance
  • violence
  • war


Reading? Get ready for Drama, fighting, love, lies, untold secrets and lots and lots of melodrama. Mr. Fernando Roberto is the boss of the Comasina Mafia well known as the scared gang. He kills people with no mercy. If you stands in his path he will snaps your head off your body in cold blood. Everyone fears him and his Gang. Well... Everyone except Veronica. She's the daughter of Mr. Elxander, the boss of the third Mafia. What will happen when Veronica stands in Fernando path? Will he kill her? Will she allow him to kill her? So many questions! Why not read to find out😊 PREVIEW!! "You like attention, don't you?" Fernando walk over to me slow and steadily. "You know what, maybe I do"I said in the same low , horrendous tone. "Then I'll give you the attention you really deserve," he then swiftly cross the room and push me against the wall, not too rough but I still yelped in response. "Can you handle that much attention?" he whispered,which caused the hair on the back of my neck to rise. He slowly rap his hands around my neck and apply alittle pressure. His aromatic, fragrant traverse through my nostrils and rapidly clouded my mind. The anger i had towards him slowly faded and was now replaced with one thing. Lust.

Summary / Warning

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His Weakn...
by _shana_unknown_