The Stuttering Girl
By SamEl145
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Jessica, a 17-year-old girl who has Asperger syndrome. A developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialize and communicate. Because of that syndrome, it has affected her life. Every school they transfer her, she is been bullied or teased which made her life like a hell. Oliver is a 17-year-old, cheerful guy. He dreams to be a model that can be easily come true because of his handsome and charming feature. He is a popular guy, but not a playboy. He respects every other girl. But what will happen when their worlds collide; one who is socialized like hell and the other who don't even think of socializing with people. ******************* This is not a typical cliche story. But can be more than a cliche which expresses harsh truths of reality. Hope you enjoy the story. Rankings..... #1 in stuttering [21/7/20] #2 in stammer [25/7/20] #14 in cute girl [25/7/20]


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The Stutt...
by SamEl145