The Blood of the Co...
By ShyGuySamurai
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Crowned Prince Damian and Kipp of Hallengard were raised as brothers since childhood. It wasn't often when they weren't by each other's side, either in lessons or tumbling through the training field. But as they grew older, it was apparent how different they truly were. Damian was rash where Kipp was level-headed. Brave and cautious. Quick-to-action and calculating. Damian was the heir to the throne while Kipp was of lower birth. When tragedy struck Almeidia, both were forced to flee the life they knew. They only had each other now. With stakes high and tensions rising, will their brotherhood remain strong or break under the pressure? Is the blood of the covenant truly thicker than the water of the womb?

Chapter 1: Our Final Day

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The Blood...
by ShyGuySamurai