Everlasting Silence
By YeranJ
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After the war Thor looks to building New Asgard. Loki meanwhile is sent to stay with the Avengers. But they cannot bring themselves to trust the trickster even though he helped in the fight against Thanos. For Loki it's like he's reliving his life on Asgard. Never trusted. Everyone being wary of him. One day he suddenly disappears not before injuring himself badly. While the Avengers continue their search for Loki, Tony finds his diary. Read and learn about the life of the Norse God and what truly happened in the Mischief maker's life. This is an alternate universe to Infinity War where Loki lives. So does everyone else and Thanos is defeated before the snap. WARNING : Contains self harm, sucidal thoughts, abuse and torture. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters except my own. A special thanks for the story cover goes to the amazing @Daredevil_001.

Author's Note

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by YeranJ