Never Stop Smiling...
By lila_hiddles
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A fan fiction story about Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone. Sophie Grace (Stone) was always the geeky and shy girl at school and in college. But James (Fallon) was always the class clown and the cool guy everywhere he went. Little did they know that fate would do something special between them. Or at least "The Greatest Show On Earth" would! << THIS STORY DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING INVOLVING "THE TONIGHT SHOW", NBC, NOR THE ROCKERFELLER PLAZA. IT'S SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. >> << CLASSIFICATED PG-13 - MILD LANGUAGE, MILD LOVE SCENES, ROMANCE, AND HUMOR. >> Inspired by true events and real people. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The author has no intention of putting creepy clowns nor violent clowns in this story, so if you have a certain phobia of clowns (which the author has experience with that type of phobia) you can be guaranteed that it won't be scary or creepy. There is no intention of placing the characters/cast (real respresentations, actors, and actresses) in an incorrect or uncomfortable state. The author respects and highly admires all the people in this story. Other characters (not mentioned in the cast's list) are based on real people whom are close to the author or people she has met. Ringling Bros. And Barnum And Bailey Circus "The Greatest Show On Earth" was a legitimate circus in the United States, which is still owned by 'The Feld Family' (Feld Entertainment). All rights goes to them.

Never Stop Smiling (A Message From The Author)

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Never Sto...
by lila_hiddles