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By PurpleLove666
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Other name "Number One Ugly Husband" Original Title: 第一丑夫 [Dì yī chǒu fū] Status: COMPLETED Author: 金元宝 [Jīn yuánbǎo] || Gold ingot Status in COO: 237 chapters Raw Novel: http://www.lcread.com/bookpage/313678/index.html About The Author: http://blog.lc1001.com/people/q?u=2898035 To save his slaughtered buddies, Bao Ye sacrifices himself to transmigrate back in the past to rewrite their fate. However, he has mistakenly transmigrated back to 30 years ago-the year when he hasn't been born yet. What's worse, the body he possesses is a despicable, wretched, lousy, cheap villain, who even betrays his family and friends. Meanwhile, that villain is an extremely ugly, and most inferior slave. Normally, people like him should be the last eye-catcher, however, a powerful man invades in Bao Ye's life. The guy takes going against him as his job and makes fun out of embarrassing him. The most bullshit thing is, during the long-time confrontation, that man falls in love with him. Touching his super ugly face, Bao Ye is shocked, "What the hell...how could this dude get enchanted by this face? He is really hardcore!"

Chapter 1: Kill Him

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