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Marisol Reyes is a photography assistant working for the popular women's magazine, Queenly. When the popular French actress Colette steps through the elevator for a photo shoot, Marisol regards it as a normal day, until she stumbles upon the famous young woman using magic. -- In a country where users of magic are stripped of their magic, breakout actress Colette will do anything to keep her powers a secret. When a woman stumbles into her dressing room right as sparkles are flying out of her hands, Colette is determined to stick around her to stop her from running her mouth. That's not the only problem, though. Magic rights protests divide the country, legislation is changing, and paparazzi is on Colette's tail. The cherry on top is Colette's budding feelings for the very girl who holds her secrets in her hands. Recommended Listening: Stylish by LOONA

i. accidental walk-ins.

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From the...
by hannahcpop