Vincent X Scott | A...
By GayIsWhatIAm
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|| Hey, this project is abandoned because it was a joke that I started taking more and more seriously. Maybe I'll one day make an actual serious story based on this. Anyway, don't expect more updates from this, thank yew <3! || Vincent and Scott, always at each other's throats it seems, enemies at heart, and everyone knows it. Vincent was... Something, to say the least. To Scott though, he was a purple prick who flirted way too much for his own good, making him easy to hate in his eyes. Scott was just another prize in Vincent's eyes, another play thing in his fun 'lil game of life. Seeing him get mad at his flirts was so precious and hilarious! He never wanted to stop. What happens when those flirts go a bit too far though? Surely nothing bad, right? --- Hey, uhm, if you can tell me who the artist is of the cover, that'd help me a lot since I wanna credit them for their nice artwork! Thanks. And also, there are a bunch of swears here, so basically if you don't like those or are a child, please do get off this story, :[[.


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Vincent X...
by GayIsWhatIAm