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"Mine to have...Mine to ruin"-Park Jimin. he muttered while smelling her sweet scent It was her sweet scent that just makes him this much crazy. "Your body, your soul belongs to me doll. No one can lay a finger on you but me" he smirked at the poor soul. For him she is his playtoy. Who pleasures him. His stripper doll. ONLY HIS...His desire to have her on Every crual way "The day my eyes laid on you ,you became mine "that demon said while burrying his face in her crook . _____________________________________________________ Tell me, my doll, who owns you?" He again asked, demanding. Y-you master, You own me. You own my soul and my b-body. " she said shuttering in pain and fear. " Who are you? " He asked in a stern voice. " M-master's doll. " she replies stuttering. " Who is the owner of your soul? " "Only you m-master." she said, her lively green eyes completely dead and numb. No tears, no hatred, no fear visible. She was already suffering and to make her life even more painful, he came. She was a broken doll. His doll. A doll to play. A doll to destroy. His to devour His to destroy His stripper doll.. A cruel game of destiny starts... She was a caged doll in the devil's den..that demon was possessing her in his cage. A DARK ROMANCE story where a girl's beauty change into the biggest curse in her life. she was burning on the hell.The hell he made for her soul... #18 in adoration ©2021jaeun655 IT'S A DARK ROMANCE STORY .IT CONTAINS ABUSE AND RAPE. IT'S DIFFERENT THEN MY OTHER BOOK. AND STRICTLY A DARK. I WARNED YOU. RISK IS ON YOU.(21+)


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by jaeun655