Jumping Water - Edm...
By willingly
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Clara Bronson never thought that a lion could ever be capable of speaking English, nor did she expect to find a whole world behind her grandfather's beloved wardrobe with four siblings from Finchley. For three years Clara had lived a life of cold solitude, having been sent to her grandfather's house by a mother that could no longer care for her. But that solitude greatly lifts when Lucy, Susan, Peter, and Edmund Pevensie walk through the manor's door and follow her through a wardrobe full of magic and peril. But with the threat of the White Witch looming over the fate of Narnia and it's inhabitants--and a gift bestowed upon Clara that could give Aslan's Army an upper hand-- she finds that she has a much bigger part to play then she prepared herself for. This book will most likely not come out with frequent updates because I tend to write on my own time and purely for my own pleasure. If I'm not motivated to write I do not write. But if I'm motivated I may come out with multiple chapters. Fem!OC x E. Pevensie


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Jumping W...
by willingly