The Tragedy Behind...
By 5upernatura1
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Connor has been devastatingly sick for the last two years. He's a sophomore at Everdeen High School, but little to his best friend's knowledge he hasn't even so much as stepped into the school. His best friends since 6th grade, David and Zavier left to go to a completely different high school. And now the group of friends are completely disconnected-well unless of course you count their chats on the computer. Connor wanted to keep his sickness a secret so he only talked to David behind a computer screen. So far the plan was absolutely flawless. That was-up till now. Connor is dying and he's dying soon. And to make matters infinitely worse? Connor is in love with David. His straight best friend who doesn't even know he has brain cancer. Will David finally realize the tragedy hiding behind the computer screen or will it be too late? Copyright. © 5upernatura1 2014. All rights reserved.

The Inseparable Trio

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The Trage...
by 5upernatura1