Golden Love [The Pr...
By XxPotatoPuffxX
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Siyang got a call while working with Dachi on a school project. Siyang tells Dayong to go meet someone in the park. He needs to attend to something, but the mysterious person who was on the phone with him has to be accompanied by someone to get their guitar fixed. When Dachi meets the mysterious person, it turns out that it's Siyang's little sister! They become close and eventually fall for one another, but refuse to confesse to the other person. Will someone finally make them confess their feelings? or..Will someone's heart break? This is a story between Dachi (Chi Dayong) and Siyang's sister (Weichi). This will be taking place as a side story to the season 1 series. Weichi won't be involved much in the tennis practices and such, but will be part of Dachi's outside life.

Chapter 1

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Golden Lo...
by XxPotatoPuffxX