Trapped by the Mafi...
By DomiSotto
  • Romance
  • adventure
  • assassin
  • chicklit
  • contemporary
  • crime
  • danger
  • dungeon
  • escape
  • fastpaced
  • funny
  • gothic
  • hitman
  • hot
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  • instalove
  • intense
  • italian
  • love
  • mafia
  • newadult
  • romance
  • romance-thriller
  • steamy
  • thriller
  • wildlove


A secret thrill-seeker Bryn is totally slacking at her florist job, daydreaming of becoming an urban exploring social media star. When she messes up an order for a dangerously cynical and handsome Matteo "the Trigger" Scali, the hitman of the Tangorello Crime Family, he steps up to 'fix' her trivial screw up in a non-trivial way. As Matteo drives Bryn across L.A. at a breakneck speed in his Lamborghini, she realizes that her life just veered onto Highway to Danger. He always gets what he wants, and he wants her. So, it almost comes as no surprise when Bryn finds herself locked in a decrepit CIA secret facility with Matteo. The site is stuck in the grim times when sex, torture and psychedelics were used on the unwitting victims to discover the way to control human mind. In short, this is the kind of place any urban explorer would sell her soul to discover. The catch is that to live her dreams, Bryn has to live first. She needs to find a way to connect with Matteo. And, maybe, even learn to love. Cover by @raizelrose3 Alternative cover by @BridgesTunnels

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Trapped b...
by DomiSotto