Tempest: The Uprisi...
By Dancingthedream
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Raised in a time of peace, Dasha is confident in her ability to maintain the prosperity of her people when she finally comes to join the Royal House, but winters are cruel and the gods are harsh. Tragedy strikes the Royal family and an invader from a long forgotten land lies in waiting. Forced from her home, Dasha goes into hiding under the alias, Tempest, where she joins the guild of Dragon Keepers. A storm is brewing and an uprising is manifesting, waiting for the heir to lead them. The nation is rallying behind the whispers and rumors of the rising claimant to the throne, fighting until lambs become lions and the rule of darkness is no more. ******************* Artwork on Chapter 8 is of the fourteen flames in "The World of Ice and Fire" from which I drew my inspiration for the depiction of the city Firethorne. Cover cred: @FlaminUnicornOfDeath Trailer cred: @ice-breaker

Chapter 1

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by Dancingthedream