Highschool Of Chaos...
By Azieruu_
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FORGIVE THE FIRST CHAPTERS, MY WRITING WAS STILL BAD BACK THEN. Ink happily enters his second year of high school in the School for Magic Wielders but ends up having his feet on the edge, with a man of wealth ready to push his back. If it weren't for their precious deal, he would've been falling helplessly into the pit of doom. In order for him to escape, he had to help the lousy and rude man with his plans, in exchange to help him financially. With his loving friends by his side and his unfriendly acquaintances, he tries his best to survive the lovestruck phase of everyone around him. Including himself. (I just realized how much I have spoiled the story with the last description so stick with this instead. Love y'all) --------------------------- WARNING: SLOW BURN Status: Ongoing Goal: 2k Reads Cover Art by me

Intro (A/N)

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by Azieruu_