A Love that is Fore...
By melodiyuh
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Asia started working her ass off at the age 23 to support her family when it comes to financial. One job is not enough for her. She is the queen of part-time jobs and sidelines. Asia has always been a good grown up woman with a naughty goal. She wanted to have a child with a foreign blood. Two months before her end of contract, two months before fleeing back home, she gone out for a freaky, dirty and wild Friday night with her colleagues. There, she met Rufus. A fine sexy, drop-dead gorgeous man with powerful and masculine body. With a smile of a toothbrush and toothpaste models that can make a woman's panty drop. Asia's lame and lifeless sex life was finally fulfilled. And the conccept of getting pregnant does not scare her. It excites her for it was and always been her goal since the day she arrived at New York.


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A Love th...
by melodiyuh