Mafia bosses specia...
By -SicklySweet-
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Vincent Crime Family Book One- Emerson Bennett was like any boy his age, only he had a secret that wasn't one your normal small town would have. He was transgender. This led him to have bullies unfortunately who pushed him past the private property line. The one line he shouldn't have crossed. Maddox Vincent is your normal upstanding twenty-eight-year-old, only not as normal as the town would like. He was the leader of the Vincent family Mafia. Born as the only heir of the whole thing, Maddox has never had to worry about bullies or problems that can't be silenced. When Emerson and Maddox come face to face things will change, and lines will be crossed. For better & for worse.

00 - Prologue - Emerson Bennett's Point Of View.

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Mafia bos...
by -SicklySweet-