POSSESSIVE 22: Khai...
By CeCeLib
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Eliza Velasquez is beyond belief to have Khairro Sanford - the man she once loved but has grown to hate - as her bodyguard. With them forced to spend more time together, can Eliza bury the feelings resurfacing in her heart? Or is there no choice but to surrender and fall the second time around? ****** Chief of Police Khairro Sanford is the epitome of perfection - as a handsome and rich gentleman, he technically has no worries to think of. However, his almost perfect life is rattled when he becomes the bodyguard of Eliza Velasquez, a girl who hates him to the core. Everything should have been strictly professional, but she's savage, confident, and independent... and Khairro's starting to like and hate her at the same time. With the undeniable attraction between them, can Khairro stop himself from falling for the girl who is off limits to him? Or will Eliza be a risk he's willing to take even if she will cost him his life? Disclaimer: This story is written in Taglish. CONTENT WARNING: This story has mature scenes which are not suitable for young readers. Cover Design by Rayne Mariano


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by CeCeLib