LovE AajKAl
By __karishmaa__
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This story will be on our beloved Manan also this story will be very close to my heart since this will be my first story and also because this love story is my favourite . There will be very few similarities in my story . Only the name of the protagonist and group of friends might be similar. Manik Malhotra , is a boy who is very rich . His father is one of the businessman tycoon and mom is a Trustee in Space College . Girls worship the path on which he walks . He is a super talented singer but along withit he is a number one PubG player in London , which is known only to his family and 3 other friends . He is in the final year and doing a bachelors in computer science . His game name is Aarav . His family is amongst the richest family in the whole world . His other talents include playing basketball , swimming ( national level champion ) , handling business and also a topper in the whole university . Nandani , is a very beautiful girl with short height and cute smile. She is in second year of her college. She is pursuing her studies in Computer science . Her father is one of the biggest businessman and is a competition of Malhotras and her mother is a house wife and is best friend of Manik ( which is unknown to both the families ) . She is the topper of batch . She is a very good singer but she is also a pubG player and is the only woman in the top 6 in London ( except her 3 friends no one know about her playing game ) . Her game name is Niti . Her family is very rich but not as much as Manik Both Manik and Nandani stays in college hostel with their friends. Nandani has a crush on Manik even her friends admire him . Hope everyone will like this love story and plz don't forget to like and share among your friends . This story may contain some mature contents which I will inform you if you guys won't be comfortable you can skip those part .


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LovE Aaj...
by __karishmaa__