Society of The Damn...
By 5upernatura1
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"And why should I join this...I don't need to be helped. What's in it for me?" "What's in it for you?" The head counselor repeats incredulously. "Yeah, that's right." Cameron, smirks dragging the cigarette, blowing a strip of smoke at her face. "Well how about this." She prompts, snatching the cig and tossing it onto the ground. She stomps her foot onto it, squishing it into the ground with a triumphant look etched onto her smug smile. Cameron narrows his eyes, focusing all his energy on not lashing out, and maybe if he stares hard enough, looks really could kill. "Nobody is forcing you into this kid." She starts, "Just know you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. What happens to you doesn't really matter that much to us. But I'm willing to bet you'd care if you end up dead at the wee age of seventeen." Copyright. © 5upernatura1 2015. All rights reserved.

Society Of The Damned (BoyxBoy)

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Society o...
by 5upernatura1