Their abused, Preci...
By louise20212
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*This is my version on Their abused little angel by @Dead_virens* *UNEDITED* At a young age, Rosabella's Parents got a divorce leaving her dad having custody to her brothers while she was left with her abusive druggy of a mother. Her mother always finding happiness in hurting her daughter because of the similarities between them both. Her mother abused her for years but never taking it so far that she ends up in hospital until one night when Rosa comes home for a party her angry mother awaits. When Rosabella finally snaps she gets knocked out by her mother and wakes up in hospital with some very tall, strong scary men surrounding her. When she realises that she is finally safe and with her family she never wants to leave.... But the secrets her family and boyfriend are keeping will lead to many many problems. -Will Rosabella find her happy ever after? -How will she take the secrets? -Will she be the person who stops the wars? -Can she bring her family together as one? -How does her dancing help her? •There will be swearing and possibly some sensitive subjects so if you don't like that then this probably isn't the book for you!• •This is also my first book and I started righting this at quite a young age so it is anything but perfect!•


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Their abu...
by louise20212