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By CarolineHollywood
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"I'm The Reader, I'm the last Time Lady from the planet of Gallifrey, I have travelled for over 1000 years, And I'm the words on the page you're to scared to read." ••• The Reader is the last Time Lady, the Time Lords created her to be the perfect weapon in wars. Never aging, never dying, she was invincible. Until the Great Time War. Everything fell apart. They were dying, and she knew she would be next, no way her powers could save her now. So she ran. She traveled the stars, going by a book, her mind, and her extremely advanced powers, creating the universe as she passed. Aliens cowered in fear at her name. The Reader knew that one day, something terrible would happen to her. Something undescribable, something impossible. Something involving a Doctor. ••• All rights go to BBC. I only own my characters and would really appreciate if you didn't use them without my consent. (Spoilers may come later in book)

Words: Prolouge

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Words (Do...
by CarolineHollywood