String of Fate (One...
By Miyamusubi
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Who knew that Marine Admiral Sakazuki had a daughter. Yet this daughter was unknown to the world. A girl who had tried to gain her father's admiration and acceptance, only to cause her to lose the brightness in her world. But it seems that the life of a marine, will end up spiraling out of control once she encounters a group a pirates. Leaving her young prodigy life of a marine behind as she tries to start anew. Only finding herself washed up on shore, later meeting the young protagonist who's claims to become Pirate King. Though it would seem that fate had a thing or two in store for her. The Unmei Unmei fruit or the Fate Fate Fruit, will end up changing her life and those around her. For the better or worse? Something forgotten but later remembered. A fruit that granted an opportunity to start a fate for everyone and herself, as she begins this life of One Piece. With the red string of fate, follow Rizu D. Tamashiro, a girl who ate the Fate Fate fruit. One Piece X OC Rankings #2 in Mugiwara #5 in Sanji #227 in One Piece *I do not own One Piece or characters belongs to Eiichiro Oda* *Cover created by @Accxoxo *

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String of...
by Miyamusubi