String of Fate (One...
By Miyamusubi
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A young marine girl, who was trained at an earlier age. Constantly moving around on the seas and training hard. Training hard to become stronger, in the attempts to let her father acknowledge her. Of course her father was no other than one of the three Admirals from the marines. Admiral Sakazuki. But as her goal slowly start to change from being an admirable marine that her father will approve it changed ever so drastically. And yet as the years slowly go past her, she finds herself meeting various people along the way of her time during her time spent with both marines and pirates alike. The issue is will she follow the path of which she is supposed to follow or will she go astray. Where will the red strings of fate take her? Will she follow the path which challenges fate? Or will she challenge the fate laid out for the better? For a girl who ate Unmei Unmei no mi or the Fate Fate fruit. She wonders what is in store for her. Will she save and change the fate of others? Or will she completely change the future and cause utter chaos? Or will she steal and capture something that she never thought she did? With the red string of fate, follow Rizu D. Tamashiro, a girl who ate the Fate Fate fruit. #5 in Sanji *I do not own One Piece or characters belongs to Eiichiro Oda* *Cover created by @Accxoxo *

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String of...
by Miyamusubi