Ella Scarlett : The...
By wolf117755
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(Completed) Anna Heart, A.K.A Ella Scarlett. A.K.A The Knave of Hearts got trapped in the evil queens curse and this is what happens.... . . . . "I thought Ella would step in, no offence but every movie I've seen Ella Scarlett steps in before something bad happens. Ella who heard what Emma had said turned around and said, "Yeah they got that part of the fairy-tale wrong, I wasn't the one saving people from getting killed, I was the one doing the killing most of the time anyway. They just didn't want to show how bloodthirsty I am in a movie ." Ella then turned back around and continued walking. "Her brother Will, he seems a lot nicer than she is." Emma said to Mary Margaret "All I know is what Henry told me from his book, and what he told me was something happened to her and it changed her not for good that's probably why Gold called her a villain." . . . . This is loosely based on once upon a time and once upon a time in wonderland All credit goes to the writers I only own Ella and her backstory, plus a couple other characters

Curse life and Real life

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Ella Scar...
by wolf117755