Scintillation Of En...
By Dr_Taqiya_Author
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♡~Blurb~♡ Orangish hue scattered the wide canvas of the sky. The fine lines of the hues were meeting the earth at the horizon. At a distance, a faint voice of Adhaan(Call to Prayer) was called. Standing on the polished marble surface which was screaming richness and the elegance of the possessor. As the Call to the prayer completed. He walked into the bathroom, making a fresh ablution to pray the dusk prayer. Picking up the lush prayer mattress he laid it facing the direction of Qiblah(direction towards mecca) he started his prayer after making the intention. After finishing his Prayers and Dhikr, he invoked his supplication to the Lord of the world and the universe. Blowing out the air in the chilly night across his hands, he wiped them across his face. Placing the prayer mat back, he walked out of the room, folding his sleeves up to his elbows. His cellphone rang in his pocket, making him reach out to the seeker. "Hello, ACP. Syed Abrar Ibrahim speaking." His voice sent chills down the person on the line. "Hello, Sir. This is SI Murthy Narayan reporting. Sir, DCP Iyer has asked you to report to the office immediately." Says the SI. "Be there in 15 minutes SI Murthy," Abrar says. "Okay, Sir." The call got disconnected as Abrar heard the Sub Inspector. ❤️❤️❤️ Meet him, a man who makes the heart beat wild just with the voicing of his name. Syed Abrar Ibrahim. Let's us unsolve the mystery of a mysterious man, and the doodles his life plays at him. ❤️❤️❤️ He shed blood to save humanity, She wept blood seeing the cruelty.


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by Dr_Taqiya_Author