The Volturi Queen
By hersirenscreams
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*Some of The rooms that I mentioned for the castle in Volterra may be made up. I may of also made up a few characters too**This is a update/original story that I started on another account during Oct. 30, 2018** What if Bella wasn't human and as weak and helpless like everyone thought she was? What if she was actually the most powerful vampire of the Volturi Coven? But what if she was the queen? What if she didn't know the Cullens or Jacob or Charlie or anyone? Isabella is the most powerful vampire in the Volturi Coven. She has powers of pain, suffering, illusions and lots more. She is the most feared and dangerous and that's how she liked it. After years in Volterra, Bella decides to move to Forks Washington. She has to blend in with the groups of humans, which is kind of hard for her since they were her prey back in her old home. Bella then takes on the role of an seventeen year old teen and enrolls in Forks Highschool where she meets the Cullens. She has a cold personally towards them and they get suspicious of her. Will Bella try to get to know the Cullens and everyone in Forks or will she act like how a vampire queen should? The characters are not mine. they belong to the author Stephanie Meyers. I'm sorry if this story seems like I'm coping off of others. I'm not! I Hope you enjoy! Caution: There may be a lot of cussing in this story and MAYBE some sexual scenes. MAYBE!

Chapter 1

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The Voltu...
by hersirenscreams