Wonderland || Narut...
By toffy59
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She was parentless, penniless, and powerless, but that didn't stop her from becoming the greatest kunoichi the world had ever seen. (Y/n) (L/n) had nothing to her name. She didn't belong to a powerful clan like the Uchihas or the Hyugas. Her parents, in fact, were normal villagers, slaving their days to make enough money to survive until they had fallen sick. She was left alone in a broken-down shack with nothing except her pet snake, Aoi. Until one day, a mysterious white-haired man appears at her door, granting her the opportunity of a lifetime that would unfold the secrets kept sealed within her. -------------------------- This will be a slow-burn naruto various x reader and the mc will not be powerful right off the bat, she has to grow in power, strength, and maturity. I don't own the Naruto characters except for my own characters. Enjoy the story!

Introduction: Before the Story Starts

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by toffy59