I Guess It Could Be...
By ZigZag_Writes
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+×+×+×Completed×+×+×+×+ This is a Dreamnotfound/Gream fic, and it's only for entertainment. If they get uncomfortable with the shipping or fics, this will be taken down asap. As said, don't shove this ship in their faces. I respect and adore them both, but I wouldn't like seeing their friendship dwindle because of a stupid ship. -------------------《AU Introduction》 The world was Minecraft, everyone in an almost neverending loop of the game. The breaks from the loop happened every week or so, where everyone would be given a break, via a small comatose like state. Most of the time, while in your world, you would be playing the game alone, you'd be visited or visiting some else. If you beat the game and get bored of that particular world, you'd be transmitted to a different world. How will George, a 22 year old guy with a heavy British accent, react to Dream, a 21 year old gaming god (jkjk.... unless?) getting popped into a new world with him? ------------------ Sorry, I will not write smut, as im not as comfortable with it anymore, even with fictional characters. I might try angst, but I honestly just want to write an intersting plot with some of my fluffy bois :))) *+*+*Achievement Get*+*+* #3 in #gream (07-03-2020)

----] Info Before You Read [----

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I Guess I...
by ZigZag_Writes