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"Don't tell me you've fallen for someone else, now," He joked, and I smirked. "Wouldn't you love to know." Instantly, I was pressed up against the wall, staring into the blue-green eyes of a man who was way to bipolar for my liking. "What's your thing with walls? This is, like, the third time you've done this to me," I grumbled, shifting uncomfortably from the close contact. He smiled. "Maybe it's not the wall I have an obsession with...maybe it's you." ☆ - - - - - - - - - - - ☆ Katelyn. Katelyn Johnson. Katelyn Johnson had a secret. She tried to be normal, but a few minor details got in the way: her dad is a murderer, her mom is dead, and she swore never to fall in love after she saw the boy she liked in third grade kiss another girl. Oh, and the boy who saved her life back in eighth grade forgot about her, just as she forgot about him, until junior year in high school. Typical life, you know? ☆ - - - - - - - - - - - ☆ Liam. Liam Silvers. Liam Silvers had a secret. He was the 'playboy' type, who broke girl's hearts for fun. Though one girl won't break, and that girl just happened to be his mate. His mother was controlling, being the Queen of Rogues, after all, and made him swear to do something to put Katy, his mate, out of danger. When he did it, he never knew he was going to meet back up with her in junior year of highschool. He never knew a bet would change his life. He never knew everything from eighth grade until his eighteenth birthday had been planned for both Liam and Katy's safety. Katy doesn't want to love Liam, but can't help it. It's like she's connected to him, and she can't explain why. Normal human's don't smell the smell of strawberries and mint, Liam's scent, wherever Liam had been. But what if everyone had been lying to her, and she wasn't a normal human, anyway? ☆ - - - - - - - - - - - ☆ Start date: 6/18/20 End date: ☆ - - - - - - - - - - - ☆ Book one in Legacy Series


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