All Things Truly Wi...
By Folks-say-Adam
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Thomas Jefferson has a body count. But not the kind of body count that many would suspect. He's a serial killer living in the state of Virginia and he has been destroying lives for 3 years. But there is one life that he has been destroying gradually over time. Alexander Hamilton came to Virginia for a fresh start. Virginia was the perfect muse and he loved it that is until he was hit over the head in the back of a bar and was kidnapped by a serial killer. But Thomas fell in love with Alexander and now they have a not so normal life together. Thomas lives in his world of death and decay and Alexander has his world of cartoons and sweaters. But soon Thomas decides to do an experiment and recruits Alexander to aid him in his task of murder. Everything goes to hell but Thomas's psychotic mind cannot realize that he is slowly killing the only stable person in his life and Alexander does not have the heart to fix anything. This changes when Thomas brings home one of Alexander's friends. Now Alexander is looking for a way out. But how do you leave the person who is the reason you are alive?

If Walls Could Talk

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All Thing...
by Folks-say-Adam