Meant To Be
By QueenHhhhhhh
  • Romance
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  • broken
  • ceo
  • cold
  • drama
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  • romance
  • romcom
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  • williams
  • youngadult


Isabella Don 18 yrs and comes from a poor home but she is decent, well behaved, responsible and gorgeous. Ezekiel Williams aka Zeche is 20 yrs old years old, the heir to the Williams estate business. He is devillish handsome with power, wealth and everything he ever needed in the snap of his finger. In order for Zeche to take over the business,he has to get married so that led to his arranged marriage with Isabella. his parents believed that she was a responsible girl and could help him with the business since he was very reckless. But the thing is that, they are the opposite of each other and can never seem to get along. So how does this story end? Find out by clicking that read button.

⚠ Warning ⚠

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Meant To...
by QueenHhhhhhh