Sinful Obsession ||...
By jaeun655
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#11 IN MADNESS #4 in Adoration "I love him," she said, shivering under his dark gaze. Her breathing got heavy in fear when those dark eyes meet her brown ones. "But I love You." He brushed his thumb on her lips and said while smirking. There was a hidden intention behind those smirk. "Why are you doing this, JUNGKOOK? I Can't Be Yours. LEAVE ME-E." "You can't stop me kitten when you are already trapped here SINFULLY." He whispered against her ear to take her breath away, to make her shiver and to make her get lost in his world of sin. She was indeed a doll with brightness,but his obsession crashed her every hope and cage her with his darkness. With his sinful cage. He will surely trap her.He trapped her soul in his cage sinfully. HE BECOME A SINNER IN HER OBSESSION.. SHE BECOME A MURDERER IN HIS LOVE.. What will happen when Y/n becomes Jeon Jungkook's deadly obsession? What will happen when he traps her in his sinful trap? Read and find out. #Dark Romance Guys this is my first fanfiction I hope you will enjoy ~ © 2020jaeun655 FEATURED BY WATTPADD IT'S A DARK ROMANCE BOOK AND ALSO MY FIRST DARK ROMANCE BOOK. IT CONTAINS ABUSE AND RAPE. IT'S STRICTLY DARK. IT'S A 21+ FF. READ THIS ON YOUR OWN WILL..


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Sinful Ob...
by jaeun655