save me | bts
By soleilbangtan
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'97 liner Y/N finds herself pursuing her dreams after debuting with what is now one of the top girl groups on the charts. However, she quickly learns that the inner workings of entertainment companies aren't always what's presented to the public. In a world where soulmates are identified by their soul marks, it's quite common for idols to hide their marks or prevent bonding with their soulmates to avoid media scandals and upset fanbases. After a clothing mishap, the public knows the boys of BTS are soulmates and are searching for the eighth. When they discover it's Y/N, the dark truth about her life comes to light. Can they save her from her misery, or will her mistake subject her to even more suffering. Soulmate AU idol!BTS x idol!Reader (Polyamorous) Contains mature themes such as sexual assault, trauma, strong language, etc.

Chapter 1

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save me |...
by soleilbangtan