The Dekuverse
By Genderfluid_problems
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So i decided to make a thing where our favorite class 1-A students along with some others react to our favorite (or least favorite) bean, Deku! Although, in different universes. If you enjoy please vote. Also, adding this to your reading list would be really cool, then you can see whenever it's updated! Fair warning; This story includes Possible blood/light gore, swearing, fourth wall breaking, light homophobia and transphobia, suicide baiting, self harm, and more. The homophobic/transphobic words/actions will be dealt with accordingly and won't appear in future updates. The rest will have warnings before hand. Before you click "Read" please read the rest of this description before commenting harsh things. *****IMPORTANT***** Before you read further, this story may have mature content. If you are under 10 years of age do not read this. This work is written by a teenager so obviously it's suited for teens. If your child reads this and loses any sort of purity or starts cursing, do not blame me as I have set this story on Mature and warned said child before hand. Also, be free to share this story! Just give me credit and link it back to me. Thank you! This story is written by Adina or @Genderfluid_problems on This work falls under the license "(CC) Attrib. NonComm. No Deprivs", in other words, this license lets others share my unaltered work with anyone as long as I get credit. Also please let me know beforehand, so I know that yeah so and so shared my work and I don't have to worry about it. With that out of the way, please enjoy!

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The Dekuv...
by Genderfluid_problems