Broken Dreamers
By dingus_harrington
  • Teen Fiction
  • aesthetic
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  • broken
  • carcrash
  • coma
  • deadparents
  • death
  • depression
  • doctor
  • dreams
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  • girl
  • hospital
  • love
  • orphan
  • romance
  • sadness
  • school
  • selfhurt
  • siblings
  • teenager
  • themillers
  • twins


When your young you have dreams but as you get older some of those dreams die or in other words get broken. As if their a glass that fell of a coffee table and shattered. Some of the dreams are like when you break your arm because it's broken but over time it gets mended. Some of the dreams come true but sometimes they feel like there broken beforehand . For the Miller siblings broken dreams is something they are used too. Sometimes even they feel broken. But when a horrible tragedy happens the siblings may realize only one thing can really make a broken dream and that is giving up. "I'm broken" "Your too young to be broken" "Really how about you go through everything I have been through and not feel broken." STORY CONTAINS -swearing -talks of death -talks of suicide -blood -depression -self harm -other stuff that might affect some readers.


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Broken Dr...
by dingus_harrington