Destined to be toge...
By misanthropist2000
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • agegap
  • androphobia
  • arrogant
  • boss
  • business
  • ceo
  • college
  • dominent
  • fear
  • innocence
  • innocent
  • introvert
  • kind
  • love
  • panicattacks
  • romance
  • rude
  • selfharm
  • shy
  • student
  • suicidal
  • trouble
  • violence
  • youngadult


Two people completely different from one another. Yet destined to be together. Dimitri Martínez CEO of Martínez enterprise cold, arrogant, dominant. April Adams final year college student Introvert, kind, anxious, struggling to survive in the harsh world. From their first interaction, Demitri's harsh words created wounds in her heart again and again. When April got an opportunity to survive, Saw a ray of hope in her dull life, Dimitri's words took that away from her too. " Martínez enterprise doesn't allow any irresponsible, and worthless candidates who don't understand the value and worth of being a part of our company. So I warn you beforehand if you do not respect and value our company doesn't even think of applying here." His words came back ringing in my head Another tear escaped my eyes. "Get out" he growled shaking my whole body in fear. I stumbled, getting up from my blurred vision. I took the papers and left the room. Highest rank [#1 in innocence] [#1 in innocent] [#1 in androphobia] [#1 in Introvert] [#1 in rude] [#2 in Dominant] [#2 in Suicidal]

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