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  • Mystery / Thriller
  • crime
  • cruelty
  • dark
  • death
  • evil
  • guns
  • intence
  • jealousy
  • killer
  • love
  • murder
  • mysterious
  • mystery
  • mystery-thriller
  • revenge
  • rivalry
  • romance
  • sadness
  • scared
  • silence
  • suspense
  • team
  • tears
  • thrill
  • tragedy


"Simple life huh?" I asked while grinning widely. "HELP ME." He screamed. I laughed. "Keep screaming." I said. "You fu*king thought you destroyed me huh?" I laughed then continued. "I am more stronger now." "Let's play a game, the game of .. blood." He pulled out a knife and smiled brightly, his hazel eyes seemed merciless and I was scared. "You are not going to kill me right?" She asked while panicking. "I have not given someone an easy death before." I whispered in her ear. "YOU ARE A MONSTER." I laughed. "I am." "Your screams are like music to my ears." He said while smiling innocently. "I really hate it how beautifully you always lie to me." He said while pointing gun at me. "You can't love me?" I was scared what would be his answer. "I am already in love with you." He replied. "They really sent two rabbits to kill a tiger huh?" I stabbed her. "Your angel of death is waiting for you." I chuckled. "Let's make sure to clear their existence." "Hell yeah." Both of us laughed. "Touch her, I DARE YOU." He was sending me icy cold glares. "No one except me can defeat me." He smirked. "I am not here to play your little games this time." He grabbed my hair tightly. "F**k you think I will leave you?" He was crying one second and started to laugh the other second. "I am here to arrange your funeral." "Tic...tock...Tic...tock...Tic...tock" He said while tilting his head and pointing gun at me. His deep voice sent shiver down my spine. "S-Save me Iv-." What I wanted was help but everyone remained silent now it's my turn, I will take HER revenge.She kept screaming, was begging for help but I was Helpless. I couldn't save her. They took advantage of my Silence. Now I will make them pay.


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by hafsaatif22